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Tour Berau Derawan Kakaban Pelabuhan cermin

A. Heritage Tour Berau

Indahnya Kepulauan #Derawan, #Maratua & #Kakaban terlihat jelas di sini.
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Berau regency is one of regencies in East Kalimantan province now tobe North KalimantanThe capital of this district is located in Tanjung Redeb, Berau. This district has an area of 32,700 km ² and a population of approximately 75,000 inhabitants.

Derived from the Sultanate of Berau Berau established around abadd to-14. Berau Historically, the first king who ruled with a bachelor named Baddit Dipattung Raden Aji Surya Nata Kesuma and wife named Baddit Kurindan with Aji title Consort. Center for the royal government was originally based in Lati River (now a coal mining site of PT. Berau Coal).


Raden Aji Suryanata Kesuma run his administration in 1400 - 1432 with a fair and wise, so that welfare increases. At that time he managed to unite the community residential area called Banua Berau, namely Banua Designing, Banua Beach, Banua Kuran, Banua Rantau Rantau Buyut and Banua Sewakung.

In addition to the authority, position Raden Aji Suryanata Kesuma also very influential, making him well-respected opponent and friend. To commemorate the services of the first King of Berau, the Government has mengabdikannya as the name Raden Aji Surya Korem 091 Nata a district military Kesuma Kodam VI / TPR.

After his death, the Sultanate of Berau administration was continued by his son and the next generation to generation descendants ruled until around the 17th century. Then, beginning around the XVIII century Dutch colonizers came into the kingdom of Berau under the guise of traders (VOC). But the activity was carried out by De Vide Et impera politics (political fights sheep). Dutch cunning managed to divide the kingdom of Berau, so the kingdom is divided into 2 Sultanate and the Ottoman Empire Sambaliung Tabur Mt.

At the same time also entered into Berau Islamic religion brought by Imam Sambuayan with distribution centers around Sports. The first Sultan of the Sultanate Sambaliung is the King who holds Alimuddin Nature (1800-1852). King led a staunch Natural famous dutch against invaders. King Nature never taken prisoner and exiled to Makassar (formerly Ujung Pandang). To commemorate the life of King Natural Patriot immortalized his name became King Nature 613 Battalion based in City of Tarakan.

Meanwhile, as the Sultan of the Sultanate of Mount Tabur first was Sultan Muhammad Zainal Abidin (1800 - 1833), his descendants continued to reign until Sultan Ahmad Maulana Chalifatullah Djalaluddin (d. 15 April 1951) and the Sultan is the last time Raden Aji Muhammad Ayub (1951-1960). Then the sultanate became part of Berau District.

Sultan Muhammad Amminuddin became head of the Special Region of Berau. He ruled until there is a transition from Special District regulations to the Regency of Berau, the Emergency Act of 1953 Date of publication of the Law are taken as birthday Berau. With the publication of the Law No.27 of 1959, the Special Region turned into a district of Berau regency of Berau and Cape Redeb as capital, with the Sultan Raden Aji Muhammad Ayub (1960-1964) became regent Regional Head Tk. II Berau the first.

Determination of Cape Town as a center of government Redeb Berau regency is to commemorate the reign Kingdom (Empire) in Berau. Where in 1810 the Sultan Alimuddin (Raja Alam), move the center of his government to Kampung Gayam are now known as Kampong Bugis. The move to Kampung Bugis on 25 September 1810 it became the forerunners of the founding of the city of Cape Redeb, which is then dibadikan as birthday Redeb Cape Town as adopted in Regulation No. 3 dated 2 April 1992.

B. Island into a tourist attraction Derawan dive number four in Indonesia

Derawan Island in Berau into the top four tourist attractions underwater or diving in Indonesia, defeating Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi. As stated by the Governor of East Kalimantan H Ishak Awang Faroek to every guest from outside of East Kalimantan to visit the Office of the Governor. According to Awang Faroek, island attractions Derawan enter Indonesia after the dive number four marine park Raja Ampat in Papua, marine park Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi, West Bali Marine Park in the province of Bali, Island Derawan and Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi. In addition Derawan Island, Awang Faroek also promote other islands in Berau them Kakaban and Maratua.

"The beauty of the sea on the island of Derawan became famous in Indonesia and the world. Many foreign visitors who have visited and praised the beauty of the underwater Derawan Island as a former American ambassador to Indonesia and the visit of the Belgian royal guest, Prince Hendry, "he said.

Governor proposed that each activity should be carried out in Samarinda, but need to try to carry out activities on the island of Derawan. "Try to hold seminars or meetings on the island of Derawan, because the facilities and infrastructure to get to the location were available. Now Berau was able to accommodate wide-bodied aircraft departing Boeng directly from any destination. Besides diving, if the island Derawan, we can swim with turtles that come to the surface,
This post I will tell you about a tourist attraction in one district in

East Kalimantan is Berau, this post I wrote after my vacation in the Berau area for 4 days (20-23 des 09) last week, unfortunately once the introduction of a tourist attraction in Berau which I feel less than optimal.

Although only a small town, Berau store various beautiful tourist potential, ranging marine tourism, nature, history, culinary, arts and culture. Berau Regency Center in Cape Redeb District, which was situated between two river that divides the city of Cape Redeb, namely rivers and kelay satiated.

If travel to Berau, it seems unfortunately that is not taking the time to visit various tourist objects. In Cape Redeb not difficult to find a place to stay. The city also has many lodging options, ranging from star class hotels, jasmine to the cheap backpacker class.

To reach Cape Redeb not too difficult. Moreover, the currently available wide-bodied aircraft types boieng 737-200. The plane was ready to serve the transportation of tourists who wish to visit the Berau, either directly from Aberdeen or via Tarakan. Want to try by land along the road axis Balikpapan-Tanjung Redeb can also be an exciting adventure.

Maritime Tourism Object in Berau are numerous, including Derawan Island, Island Charitable, Maratua Island and the famous Kakaban has natural beauty under the sea.
Yesterday I only had time to stop at the island Derawan course, on the island of course I was fascinated Derawan. Coast beauty Derawan very good, compared with Beach in Bali, beach Derawan  much cleaner and very beautiful underwater scene, I saw myself when snorkling, fish hiasnya very wide range, I also encounter sea turtles. Derawan clean white sand beach, the water is too clear. A friend who had to Bunaken Manado also said that beauty is still above Derawan Beach Bunaken in Manado.

Sunset and Sunrise atmosphere was really beautiful, I do not miss these two moments, in the afternoon snorkeling and swimming after I've been waiting for the moment the sun sets and the early morning around 6 o'clock I had the beach to await the sunrise from his horizon.

C. Charitable Island

Not many know that in the northern part of East Kalimantan, precisely in
Berau regency there is a very beautiful island that is Derawan Islands. Islands consisting of 28 small island offers beautiful beaches and stunning underwater world. Some islands are prioritized to be developed as an area of marine tourism in these islands is the Island Derawan, Maratua Island, Island Charitable and Kakaban. Each island has a natural beauty and uniqueness of each and Charitable Island offers tourist attractions that you might not find on other islands.


Charitable is a small island covering an area about 13 ha. With a relaxed way, you can menglilingi island with the status of Nature Park (TWA) is only within 30 minutes. During the trip, you will enjoy the white sandy beaches and charming sea. In the morning and evening, you can also enjoy the natural phenomena of sunrise and sunset are amazing.

Not only that, as long as you circle the island, you can also see a variety of wildlife that you've probably never seen before. Such as coconut crabs, monitor lizards, eagles bondol, singed bird of the Philippines, reef egrets, birds pergam sea and shore birds / other sea. Along the coast, you can also find various types of mollusks (clams) in various shapes and colors.

In addition, the island also has a natural Charitable under a beautiful sea, coral reefs in this island is one of the best in the world. Average coral cover was 26.75% Charitable Island to hard coral reefs and 42.50% for life. Based on a survey conducted in 2003 Laeden Museum Naturalis, the Water Island and Island Charitable Derawan found 40 species of coral fungi (mushroom coral). This is the location of water areas with the highest diversity of coral mushrooms in Berau MPA (Wiryawan et al, 2005). Charitable Island waters also contained 1051 species of reef fish and five species of seagrass.


All tourist areas in the Islands Derawan has a beautiful underwater world, white sandy beaches and stunning natural scenery. But there is a special tourist attraction on the island of Charitable because this island is a turtle landing sites and areas of waters is the location of manta ray aggregation.

TWAL (Nature Park Sea) Charitable Island is the island's most important nesting green turtles in Southeast Asia, maybe even the world. Every night, all year 10-30 turtles nesting on the island of Charitable. To meyaksikan this attraction, you have to spend the night on the island of turtle nesting activity Charitable because you can only meet at night. In addition, the island's turtle conservation activities are also conducted by the NGO, Fondation Turtle. Every morning the officer will move the eggs which were located too close to the sea to a more secure is to place semi-natural turtle hatching eggs. This activity is also quite interesting to follow.

Another uniqueness of the Island Charitable is the aggregation of manta rays in the waters of this island. Manta rays are the types of stingrays are the main food of plankton. Charitable waters have the highest abundance of zooplankton compared to other water areas in the Berau MPA. The high abundance of zooplankton, it makes this area as a manta ray aggregation of the most high. Manta rays are usually rises to the surface and eat plankton at low tide. And to witness this unique fish, you have to dive.


a. Diving and snorkeling
To view the underwater world and the various biota that is in it, you can dive or snorkel. These activities do you miss, because they say not to Charitable if you do not dive into its waters.
b. Wildlife Observation
The most interesting wildlife to be observed is the turtle. In addition to observing the turtle on the beach, visitors can also watch sea turtles eggs hatch in semi-natural turtle hatching on the island. Also, if you are interested, you can also do bird watching (Birdwatching) on the island.
c. Tracking
These activities are usually done almost by everyone who visited this island. Objects that can be observed is the scenery, forests, beaches, sunrise and sunset. Charitable Island can be surrounded in just 30 minutes, so that tracking can be carried visitors from all age classes.

d. Swim
Swimming is one activity that can be visitors in the shallow waters along the coast. This activity can be done in groups on the beach is relatively safe.


Existing facilities on the island of Charitable TWAL including 12 units of accommodation facilities in the form of cottages, restaurants / cafetraia, tourist facilities and souvenir kiosks. Each cottage is equipped with two beds and a bathroom. This cottage rental price per night is $ 50. Management of nature tourism on the island also leased Charitable tourist facilities of motor boats, diving equipment and snorkeling equipment.

HOW TO ACHIEVE Charitable?

Charitable travel to the island can be reached by landline and udara.Jarak perjanan travel overland from the provincial capital of Samarinda to Tanjung Redeb city is about ± 700 km with road access conditions 'are'. Samarinda road that connects with Cape Redeb ± 90% were in the asphalt, but the roads are potholes, narrow roads and many road sections damaged by the landslides make a rider must be careful. Types of vehicles that can be used is a car rental at a cost of approximately Rp. 3,000,000 for travel back and forth. While public transport available are buses with a capacity of 25 people with a ticket price of Rp. 125. 000 per person. Overland travel time if using a rental car is about ± 15 hours, whereas if using public transport can be up to ± 20 hours.

From the capital city of Cape Redeb Berau, proceed overland trip to Tanjung Batu. Ditampuh distance is about 100 km, transport vehicles used are regularly called "taxi". This transport deer-shaped car which departs at 8 am from Cape Redeb, the cost is Rp. 50,000 per person and takes about ± 2.5 hours. Road section was paved and most of the relatively good condition.

From Tanjung Batu, a trip to the Island Charitable proceed with hiring a speed boat or motorized. The rental price speedboat maximum capacity 5 people are USD. 400,000 - Rp. 600 000 for the trip home and away. If the overnight fee for the boat could reach Rp. 650000-750000, while rents motorized ranges from Rp. 150. 000 - Rp. 200 000 round trip. Although the cost of travel by motorized cheaper, but the latency to reach four times the travel time speedboat. The trip by speedboat from Tanjung Batu to the Island Charitable applied for 2-3 hours, while when using a motorized can reach ± 8 - 12 hours

Travel to the island of Cape Redeb Charitable can also be done by using the speedboat directly from the Port of Tanjung Redeb. Fee for the boat to the island of Cape Redeb Charitable reached Rp. 5 million round-trip with a travel time of about 3-4 hours drive. Until now there is no regular water transport to the island of Charitable, regular transport is available only to the island Derawan. From this island is common for visitors who want to hire Charitable Island fishermen's wooden boat.

In addition to land routes, travel to the Island Charitable can also be reached by air route. Travel by plane can be done from the Airport or from Airport Temindung Sepinggan Samarinda Balikpapan Airport in Tanjung Redeb Kalimarau. The next trip may be in the same way by road.


In general the hotels in Cape Redeb offer specific tour packages for visitors who are interested to travel to the Islands Derawan. Derawan Island can be said as a center of maritime tourism in these islands. In addition to its already the regular transportation to this island, the island's tourist facilities there are also more complete and supported by other infrastructure such as electricity, telecommunications and other sources of clean water. Therefore, there are tour packages that are usually centered on the island. From this island visitors can travel to other islands such as Pulau Maratua, Charitable Island, Island Kakaban Semama and located adjacent to each other.

For day trips to the island of Charitable, you really have to spend a little in, but do not worry because you will get to experience an unforgettable tour. So what are you waiting

D. Airport kalimaru

CAN be a tributary that flows in front of the airport terminal whose name Kalimarau river, as the name immortalized in this airport. Maybe to take a shortcut. However, keep in mind the new name. Travel airport, is interesting. Many were enjoying the flight service from generation to generation.

Airport (Airport) is located in District Kalimarau Bayur Teluk Berau. In this district used to be a city that debuted in the past and into the center of the coal industry which is characterized by the presence of the company Stenkollen Matschappy Parapattan (SMP). Coal mining company owned by the Dutch who stood up in 1912 marked the opening of the Gulf Bayur for the settlers.
kalimarau airport

Kalimarau Airport was established in 1976 and by airport category pioneer. Kalimarau has increased several times of them began to increase runway (the run-way), which makes navigation facilities Kalimarau now categorized as class 2.

History Kalimarau increase from initial stand, the length of the run-way in 1976 is only 650 meters. Given the plane that landed only a small plane with a number of types of MAF 506 passenger 5 persons and 2 crew members. The aircraft of this type, often called the Dragonfly aircraft. Apron time was still using the plate.

Entering the 1990s began to have increased. Incoming aircraft types such as Deraya Cassa, Pelita, Asahi, DAS with type 100 and 200. At that still uses the old way which is run right on the highway side of the Gulf Bayur. Until 1997 moved to a new terminal that is used up to now.
Although renovations have been done to compensate for the times, class Kalimarau Airport is still better than airports in other districts including Temindung Airport.
Incoming plane is also slightly better in 2002 than ever before which is kind of ATR 42 airlines that operate in such Kalimarau Deraya, DAS, Kal Star. Have increased since the previous regional autonomy rely solely on the state budget, with funding APBD I and II since 2001, faces ever-changing Kalimarau much better. Also supported from the navigation equipment were also in the fix. In 2006, the airport began adding amenities such as Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI).

In 2007 there was an extension into 1850 meter runway, Divor navigation equipment, the addition of 2 units of patrol vehicles, generators 125 plus N 25 KVA, all equipment upgrades through the state budget funds. At the present time with the development of tourism Berau into town, then the Gulf Bayur with historical history serve as the gateway to the Berau District to support the activities of tourism and industry.

In addition to the general public need day to day activities in the through air transportation with Kalimarau Airport. With the opening of Berau District as a tourist town it is pretty spectacular passenger growth. According to data Kalimarau Airport Masterplan, 2002 B 737 aircraft type expected to be scheduled in 2012 but the reality on the ground B 737-200 has been scheduled in 2008. And in 2009 has angustus Batavia Air operates airlines with B 737-300 and July 16, 2010 Sriwijaya Air Boeing type 737-300.
Estimated passenger capacity in the field in 2008 has reached 107,982. at a rate of 39.47 percent passenger movements per year. From some of the indicators above the airport proper Kalimarau developed to achieve the target of future developments Kalimarau Airport.

Based on government policy. And conditions of the existing airport, the parties concerned have made stages of development by making construction of new airports and expansion of the operational area. It is known that the current airport land area is an area of 56.07 ha. Area of land required for airport development Kalimarau is an area of 183.14 ha.

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